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The Minimum payment illustration is for individuals with fair credit and a 23% interest rate (rounded up), with a payment that covers interest and 1% of outstanding balance. Keep in mind that as long as there are no new charges, fees or interest, and minimum payments continue to be made, the minimum required monthly payment will gradually decrease as the total balance is reduced.

Our Objective is to assist you in settling your enrolled debts efficiently and to negotiate settlements for an amount lower than your owed amount

What We Do

ADR assists individuals in the U.S. with tailored debt relief programs that are effective. Our service offers debt consolidation without the need for a loan. Our individualized plans aim to lower your debt, prevent bankruptcy filing and ultimately conquer excessive debt.
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Debt Resolution programs with Authorized Debt Relief come with a Money-Back Guarantee for your assurance.

Do you Qualify for Debt Relief?

*You owe more that $10,000 in debt
This serves as the minimum amount required to negotiate on your behalf, providing us with increased bargaining power and greater chances of settling debts with your creditors.
*You have Unsecured Debt Types
We only are able to work with unsecured debts, which don’t hav e any collateral tied to them. This includes credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans. Debts that are secured, such as student loans and mortgages, are not eligible for our debt settlement services.
*You are able to make regular monthly payments
Our program involves depositing a fixed amount into a Dedicated Account every month. Consistent monthly payments are essential for your overall success in the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average our clients pay 55% of their enrolled debt balance on their resolved debts, though results may vary. This figure does not include Authorized Debt Relief’s fees.
A temporary decrease in your credit score during the start of your debt resolution program is expected and normal. While it may be concerning, it is a necessary step that helps establish the foundation for negotiating new terms and agreements with those you owe. It’s important to remember that you are in control, not your creditors. The faster you complete the program, the faster you can start improving your overall credit worthiness. Many of our clients have also reported full credit score recovery and improvement after successfully completing the program.
We specialize in resolving unsecured debts, which are debts that don’t collateral attached. This included credit card debt, medical bills, and payday loans. Debts that are secured, such as mortgages and car loans, are not eligible for our debt resolution program. Additionally, we are unable to provide assistance with federal student loans. If you’re unsure if your debt qualifies, feel free to reach out to us for more information
We do not charge any upfront fees. Our team is only compensated when we successfully lower the amount of your enrolled debt. Our fees are tied to our performance and on our success in negotiating more favorable terms and agreements with your creditors. These fees typically range from 15% to 25% of your debt balances at the time of enrollment. Note: Our Team will collect a fee from your Dedicated Account, but only after the following 3 conditions have been met:
You have made at least one payment towards that resolution, and We have reduced what you owe
YOU! This account is set up for your debt resolution program to keep your funds separate from your other money. If you withdraw from the program, the remaining funds in your account, after deducting banking fees, third-party fees, and earned debt resolution fees, will be yours to keep.
Program experiences vary from person to person. The amount you’ll pay monthly depends on various factors such as the length of your program and the amount of debt you enrolled. Any comparison of monthly payment reduction is estimated, based on your program payments compared to an estimated minimum payment calculated with an interest rate of 16.41%, and a minimum payment that includes 3% of your enrolled debt balance.
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